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Welcome Earthling, a unique opportunity to gain interdimensional glory opens before you!

Cross the edge between realities, dive into a digital manifestation of a Graviator and take your chance against other opportunists who, just like you, have been tempted by the promise of fame!

Thanks to the latest technologies and innovative steering control mechanics, we will enable you to take part in the Galaxy Race!
Many hours spent on tracks scattered in various recesses of virtual cyberspace await you!

But beware, the life of a Graviator is not quite wind in your hair and sightseeing!

You will have an arsenal of weapons and traps at your disposal that cleverly used will help you achieve a lead ... do not forget however, the same arsenal will certainly be used against you.

The road is not going to be easy, but still, full of unforgettable thrills.
We are counting on you Earthling, prove that the soul of the legendary Graviator is bursting within you, the Graviator whose name will become famous for all times!


  • Introducing GraviMotion! Enjoy our original take on motion control in virtual reality.
    Master this technique and become a legend!
  • Learn to be feared! Know your weapons and how to use them against rival Graviators! Experiment with the arsenal at your disposal and find your favourite way
    of kicking some ass!
  • Beautiful Tracks! We go for quality over quantity! Maybe you are in a leading position, maybe you are the last or anywhere in between. Regardless of your position our detail rich tracks may prove a great vista to wonder for a second or two!
  • Fast paced action! Beside being nice to look at our tracks are truly a deadly battleground for a Graviator to prove their speed and cunning.
  • Race against a fresh and original character cast! Meet our bunch of reckless opportunists who travel the multiverse in search of new adventure!
  • Galaxy Race is filled with small detail for you to enjoy. It is more then just a racing game, we want it to be an experience showcasing the possibilities of virtual reality. So after a few successful runs, we encourage you to just have some fun with the game and try different stuff out!


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